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Barcode Marked Cards for Poker Scanning Systems

Barcode Marked Cards, Marked Cards
  • Barcode Marked Cards, Marked Cards

1. What is barcode marked cards?

As its name suggests, barcode marked cards are those cards processed with barcodes by the sides. Unlike luminous marked cards for the lenses, which tell you the numbers and the suits on the back of the playing cards, barcode marked cards are used in poker scanning systems.

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2. How does it work in the scanning system?

Usually, a scanning system includes a host machine (it may be a Nokia phone or an Iphone), a scanning camera (it can be a lighter, a normal mobile phone, a watch and a chip tray), a deck of barcode marked cards and a very small ear-piece(it is for testing). When the camera is on, it can scan the barcodes by the sides of the decks, and the results will be transferred to the host machine of the scanning system. The host machine will analyze the data that the barcodes carry at incredibly high speed, and then tell you the results of the poker games within 0.5 seconds before the flopping of the cards.

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